Giving up should never be an option….

For almost 2 year ago, I had no Idea of my ambitions in life, I had no clue of what to become once old enough to earn my own money. I only knew that I will make money, but the question was how? It wasn’t making it easier either with parent questioning me “What do want to do with/in your life? Have you though about it?

I knew going to school and get an education was, not the easiest but the best way. There was only a problem, in year 7 and 8, my grades were low, so I couldn’t make it to the high school of my choice. That period was undoubtably the hardest time. You are willing to make you family proud of their child, while you must face yourself.  I personally think there is a lot of people out there who’s going through the same. You feel useless, you don’t know the meaning of you doing anything, hence the results of your acts are always considered as negative.

One year later, year 9, I was trying extremely hard because it’s the last years before high school.
My objective was to be accepted in Viktor Rydberg High school, in Sweden, but I still didn’t know what subject I wanted to study, so I guessed on behavioural science. Unfortunately, my results did not agree with me. This is the moment were most people loses their patience. I can admit I kind of did it to. I was tired of this shit, I felt that I wanted out and do something else then just school.  When you’ve tried so hard but get nothing, nothing at all. It’s the period where we give up instead of continuing.  

But I tried to give high school a chance, maybe it could be better than the 9 years in elementary school.
I started over, with a focus on behavioural science. At first, I liked it a lot, but then I got bored of it because I’ve become more interested in the economy, the subject I’m studying now.
Today I can with no doubt say that I want to study macroeconomics (besides being a model of course 😊) and answer to the question my parent is embarrassing me with. As many people say, patience is the key to everything, there will be a difficult time but don’t give up.

I personally think the reason why I today have a fixed ambition is because I learned to do thing at my tempo, try to do everything In a way that you will be able to go all the way to the finish line, you must understand how just YOU function, because if you, like me, want to be the one making money in the future, you must do it on my way, not on your friends.

Sylver, foto by: filippa Kacou
Sylver, Foto by: filippa Kacou

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