It’s only a good pain tho..
Do we have to wait until new year to take care of our body? It’s almost like we don’t pay attention to it, we prefer to take a cup of coffee, a piece of cake in presence of a friend, going to the cinema or come up with this human idée of postponing going to the gym for instance. We’ve seen, we’ve read and now we know that our body must be treated well, well I´m pointing the fact that our body must work physically.

I personally think of this being  a very big problem as well as my precedent blog ( Giving up should not be an option), I actually don’t know the reason of this behaviour, but I can admit that we should change it  to a better one, I know we always are saying it as human: oh, I’m going to train soon, I’m going to start to study, I’m going to a better economist, but we don’t really accomplish all those statements, which I can relate to, but why saying so if we know that starting now will generate us?

If you ask me, the first thought would be “it’s not the time for it yet, the time will come”. That’s a phrase we use to hear almost every day. Well, the question is, when it comes to your health, “when do you know it’s time? When is it time for you to start to train your body, to feel good now and in the future of course?  In my opinion, we don’t have to wait until new year to have it as a new year revolution, it should be done automatically.

Think of, you have a very important jo interview to attend (you will maybe take this on as a joke or childish, but there is a point taking it as an example), you overslept and the buss you must take is going in 10 minutes from now. Your house is 15 minutes from the bus station but by running it only takes you 7 minutes.  If you don’t train your body you will not make it to the bus station, leading to you missing your job interview etc.

If you are following me on Instagram @sylver_kacou or on Snapchat @sylvers123, you may have paid attention that I always post #onlygoodpain on my training videos.
The reason is that I agree on that it’s hard during a 1h30 min training pass, I almost feel exhausted after the first 20 minutes, but in return of that, I feel good, and I just like the feeling. It’s painful but it’s a good pain.
Keep it in mind “ there is no pain, just good pain, all is just in your mind”.

Sorry for the quality of the picture
Sorry for the quality of the picture

Make the training your opponent and win the battle!!


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